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Dr. Tim Goulart - Bend, Oregon 

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Our Chiropractic Patients Have Found Relief From: 
Headaches & Migraines
Neck Pain & Stiffness
Shoulder/ Shoulder Blade Pain & Stiffness
Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, Hand & Finger Numbness
Ribs out, Mid-Back Pain & Tightness
Low Back Pain & Tightness
Sciatica, Pain & Numbness Down the Leg (down into the calf, foot, toes)
Hip Pain & Catches in the Hip
Growing Pains in Kids, Kid Headaches & Migraines
and so much MORE...

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Patient Testimonial

"Last October (2012)... I came to Goulart Natural Health & Chiropractic as almost a last resort. I had constant pain and felt 20 years older than my age. I was skeptical, but also I felt that my quality of life was in jeopardy. From the first week of treatment I knew that I was on the mend. Treatments were easy and the office was so accommodating to my busy schedule. Today I feel 100% better than I did... I feel that I can keep up with my active family and enjoy my hobbies. Work is easier and I don't have people stopping me and asking if I am okay. If anyone asks me, I can say without a doubt, that Goulart Natural Health & Chiropractic has changed my life and I am grateful..." Holly R 2013  Bend, OR

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