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Therapeutic Massage Vs. Spa Massage

Today, we’re going to go over the primary differences between therapeutic massages and spa massages and how, given the scenario, one might be the better fit for you. And we’re not just talking about in the moment, but also moving forward in a life that, let’s face it, isn’t getting any less stressful anytime soon.

Diversified Chiropractic Versus the Activator Method

Between the ages-old standard manual adjustment (also called diversified chiropractic) and the high-tech Activator method, you’re probably wondering which one’s the perfect fit for you when visiting your chiropractor. Perhaps in your mind, the word ‘diversified’ seems a little too abstract when all you want is your shoulder looked at. Meanwhile ‘activator’ sounds like something from the Terminator, which, if we’re being honest, sounds a wee too painful to be desired. One’s too vague, the other, too abrupt. So let’s dive deeper, shall we? Let’s take a closer look at the definitions, moreover the methods, behind these obscure-sounding words and get down to the facts about what really goes on at the chiropractor’s office. On top of that, let’s figure out which method is right for you.

Understanding Your Health Insurance: Know the Difference Between Your Deductible, Out of Pocket Maximum, Co-Pay & Coinsurance

When it comes to understanding the costs of your insurance, we understand that there’s a lot you need to know. From learning what’s covered and what’s not, to how much you have to pay and what number you need to call when you have questions, sometimes it can feel like it’s just you against the world. That's why today, we're going over the basics. 

Glutathione: The Leading Immune Booster on the Market

In this unpredictable health environment of 2020, it’s no surprise that business owners are looking for new and improved ways to maintain safe and healthy working atmospheres for their employees. Whether they’ve been working through the ups and downs brought on by this unprecedented pandemic, or if they’re preparing to usher their employees back into a newly transformed COVID-19-free environment, we think it’s safe to say that everyone can use a boost in overall health, safety, and peace of mind in the workplace.

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