"This is where I go to get fixed, Natasha and everyone there is the best! I could barley walk and after 2 days of treatment I felt like a completely new person"


"They are always able to get us in and provide thorough and caring care and treatment. Kept me from a 3rd back surgery."

daniel oaks

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"My last chiropractor had exactly 15 minutes slotted for me each adjustment. That's probably fine for a lot of people but I have several different issues that need to be addressed in order for me to function somewhat normally. Dr. Natasha has spent upwards of an hour working on me and genuinely cares about my wellbeing. Its clear to me that she is not in it to get rich and actually wants to truly help people. I cant recommend her enough."


"Dr. Natasha is compassionate and gives 100 percent 100 percent of the time. Changed my life."

"I love that she takes the time to give me the adjustment I need. She is through and friendly!!"

"I love being under Dr Natasha's care! She has a great knowledge of how the body works and takes the time with you that your body is needing! I know that she has a genuine care for you and your wellbeing! Thank you Dr Natasha!" 

Lauren starbuck

"My family and I love having adjustments from Dr. Natasha! She takes the time to make sure we receive proper care - helps us with everything from backaches, headaches, laser treatment for our daughters broken arm, regular tune ups and much more! All of our health is better because of chiropractic care and we are grateful for Dr. Natasha!"


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"Dr. Natasha took over Dr. Tim Goulart's practice. At first I was reluctant to go to a different chiropractor as I'd gone to Tim for over 10 years. When I had my auto accident, I chose Dr. Natasha as I did not want to have to take prescription meds. She has been very kind and helpful to me, and I have not had to take prescriptions."

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"Dr. Natasha is great! She knows what she is doing and always squeezes me in around my sometimes crazy schedule. She takes the time needed and doesn't try to rush you through. I highly recommend her."

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Marshall hughes

"Absolutely a 5 star every visit! Great pricing, great doctor, great staff, equals a relaxing friendly atmosphere! I'm always greeted with a warm smile when i arrive, never pushed into anything extra (although, she occasionally has additional recommendations, with good reason), adjusted well in a timely manner, and always treated respectfully! Thanks Natasha and Jenny! Your the best!"


I was referred by a close friend to this office and they went above and beyond to help me. It was fun which is rare it a doctor office setting. The staff is great including “Hilda!” Thanks again for helping me and accommodating my limited schedule!"